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As many companies seek to reduce their energy risk in a volatile energy purchasing environment, they are looking towards renewables as a solution. Additionally, the implementation of clean, alternative energy reduces an organization's environmental impact, carbon footprint and ongoing energy costs. In many cases, renewables offer a win-win situation for iSpring's sustainably-minded clients.

Alternative Energy Evaluation

Choosing the right alternative energy technology (or combination of technologies) can be time-consuming, and it's often difficult to know who to trust. Solar providers will try to convince you that solar is the best option. Wind energy providers want you to erect wind turbines. As has been observed, "To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail." iSpring assists clients in determining what type or types of renewable energy are right for them based on their location, energy usage profile, available government incentives and other applicable credits. Our proprietary evalutation tools help companies evaluate different technologies side by side and determine the best options for their needs. iSpring evaluates the following technologies:

Alternative Energy Implementation

With our partners, we shepherd companies through the process of implementing on-site renewable energy projects, including preliminary system specification, financial evaluation, vendor identification, project management and ongoing performance evaluation.


Case Study: Alternative Energy at Kraft Foods


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