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iSpring brings solid project management skills to each sustainability challenge. We do the data collection, the gap analysis, the research looking for new ideas, the cost/benefit analysis, the prioritizing and the planning for implementation. But we think there are some unique aspects to our approach that deliver better results.

A Fresh Perspective

iSpring looks at sustainability projects from a variety of perspectives.

The Right Skills

Different challenges require different skills. At iSpring, we have the ability to build the best team to tackle your sustainability challenges by engaging the appropriate partners and tapping into our strategic alliances.

In addition to our network of experienced and highly qualified sustainability experts and engineers, we have the unique opportunity to partner with the Enterprise Systems Center, part of the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Lehigh University. Through their industry mentor program, we can engage the best and brightest graduate and undergraduate students from across all the University disciplines, as project team members. These are the same students who’ll be heavily courted by industry in just a few months. But in exchange for the industry experience and mentoring that we can provide them, we can engage their services at rates that offer you a highly attractive project cost.

The Latest Research and Developments

We know you’re busy running your business, which doesn’t leave much time to keep up to date on the latest research and developments in the sustainability field. That’s our job. And it’s supplemented by our connections to Lehigh University faculty and students who also pursue research in cutting edge technologies. All that input works together to give you access to some of the best solutions out there.

Why Work With iSpring

We sometimes get the question, "Can't we do this ourselves?" The answer is simple–of course you can. You can read the books, take the classes, draw the process maps, evaluate your facilities and analyze your operations. You don’t need us to do it. But don’t forget–you also have to run your business. So of course you can do this on your own, but perhaps a better question might be, "If we can do this on our own, why haven't we?"


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