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The words "carbon management" often bring another word to mind for many company executives: compliance. Yet the smart companies are starting to take a broader view of carbon management and seeing it as a key component of a larger sustainability strategy to mitigate risk, control operating costs and yes, be compliant. iSpring focuses on carbon-related issues to help forward-thinking companies integrate carbon management into their larger sustainability strategy.

Carbon Footprint Analysis / Greenhouse Gas Assessment

Using the World Resources Institute's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol as a guide, iSpring helps companies quantify their GHG emissions. Whether your company is just starting to inventory its emissions or is looking to expand its scope back into its supply chain or forward to its distribution network, iSpring can assist in defining the scope of the inventory, gathering the data, and establishing an emissions baseline for your operations.

Carbon Management Strategy

After completing an assessment that establishes a baseline, organizations often want to know how they can do better. iSpring assists clients in developing a strategy to mitigate carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. As companies face increased pressure from shareholders, governmental entities and other stakeholders to reduce emissions, iSpring addresses these concerns by helping clients craft strategies that are measurable and verifiable.

Carbon Reporting

Certain industrial companies are required, by law, to report their carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions. Other companies are starting to do so on a voluntary basis through the Carbon Disclosure Project as a way to increase their transparency and provide crucial carbon-related information to decision-makers and institutional investors. We know that the process of data gathering and report writing can be daunting and onerous, so iSpring assists clients in gathering the information they need and presenting it in a compliant format. iSpring's design team communicates clients' environmental and sustainability messages in an eye-catching and engaging manner.


Case Study: Expanding Carbon Footpring Reporting at Bimbo Bakeries


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