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As transportation costs and landfill fees continue to increase, waste disposal becomes a continually rising cost of doing business. But it doesn't have to be that way. The EPA estimates that the United States currently recycles approximately 32% of its solid waste. One prominent study has shown that, of the raw materials used by a manufacturer to produce a product, only 7% of those materials actually become part of the final product. 93% of those materials become waste. That represents a tremendous opportunity for diverting materials from the landfill and reducing disposal costs. iSpring helps clients reduce that 93% to reap financial benefit while decreasing their environmental impact.

Waste Stream Analysis

A comprehensive waste analysis is an integral tool for any company that wants to better understand its waste stream composition, how trash is generated and how it is disposed of on a daily basis. This analysis helps companies drive down the costs of waste removal while, in many cases, increasing revenue through a higher diversion of valuable recyclable materials. The goals of iSpring's waste analysis work are to fully describe our clients' waste systems through process mapping, describe the waste stream composition with respect to types of materials and their percentages of the total waste, and develop alternatives that increase the percentage of materials diverted from the landfill. A typical waste analysis includes the following components:

Recycling Program Implementation and Maintenance

iSpring's main focus in implementing recycling programs for clients is to make recycling as easy as possible. Wherever companies are on the waste spectrum–be it just starting a recycling program or moving on to more sophisticated techniques like composting–iSpring helps clients craft programs and provide employee training to ensure the success of their efforts. We create instructional materials and signage when necessary and periodically re-evaluate the program to determine if it should be extended to include new materials.

Waste Reduction Strategy and Monitoring

Whether you're just beginning your waste reduction efforts or trying to mine deeper reductions from your processes, iSpring and its waste management partners can help you develop a strategy to meet your reduction goals. iSpring helps clients define reduction targets and ways to reach those targets. We also monitor performance against our clients' waste reduction goals on an ongoing basis to determine how effective the strategy is and what parts may need to be revised due to underperformance.


Case Study: Waste Stream Analysis in the Beverage Industry


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